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Several years ago when my husband I got married, I didn’t understand the importance of having our wedding day photographed by someone who understood and related to us. I felt the pressure to book someone who had tons of experience (though later realized passion and excitement about her job should have outweighed someone who treated our wedding like just another day). I neglected to understand that the photographer’s style should have complimented ours. Our photographer knew nothing about us, and looking back, it seemed the most important thing on the agenda to her was finishing time.

There’s not a photograph in our house representing our wedding day.

Urban Grey Photography is my passion – I want to work with couples who understand photography is more important than something on a checklist of things to have at the wedding. My work is very personal, as are my relationships with my clients. I meet with each and every couple before booking their wedding to make sure that our personalities and styles are a good match. I love receiving emails or phone calls to talk to my brides about their wedding planning processes, even if they are just touching base to give me an update. I strive to embrace very personal relationships with my clients. It is not uncommon for me to hang out with my brides outside of work; my couples become my friends.

My work focuses on the interaction and chemistry between the couple. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, stepping back to allow the bride and groom to snuggle or hug as they would if I weren’t around. I direct and give guidance to make sure the couple looks their absolute best. I seek out beautiful lighting, locations that signify something to the couple, and do my best to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible in front of the camera.

My goal, with each and every wedding I photograph, is to see the wedding through the couple’s eyes – capturing the details they’ve meticulously crafted, the people they’ve hand-selected to share their special day with, and for the photographs to be representative of the best day they could have dreamed of. I hope that you’ll allow me to be a part of your special day. I look forward to learning more about you and your upcoming wedding.

Several years down the road, I hope looking at your photographs will take you right back to your wedding day: how you felt, the vows you spoke aloud, the friends you were surrounded by. I hope you’ll look around your house and see your favorite moments hung beautifully on the walls. I hope that you’ll say you were happy to have chosen to work with Urban Grey Photography.

If you’d like to stay in touch and see what I’m up to, follow along here:

Instagram (business): @urbangreyphoto, (personal): @magan
Twitter (business): @urbanGREY, (personal): @mynameismagan

This is my little family -- my patient, kind husband, Dustyn, and our daughter, Everett. Photo by our amazing friend Sherry Hammonds. Special thanks to Angela Parker of LucieMarie for making me feel like a million bucks with beautiful hair and makeup!

This is my little family — my patient, kind husband, Dustyn, and our daughter, Everett. Photo by our amazing friend Sherry Hammonds. Special thanks to Angela Parker of LucieMarie for making me feel like a million bucks with beautiful hair and makeup!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when working with you? What’s the process like?

You can guarantee that I will be responsive and easy to contact. I’m available by phone or email. I want you to be able to toss your ideas at me, send me inspiration, and I hope that you’ll update me about your wedding as details and ideas come together. I love seeing your ideas come alive. Here’s a quick rundown of how things typically go:

  • Pre-Booking meeting to discuss your wedding needs (either by phone, skype/face-time or in person)
  • Review and sign the contract
  • 50% retainer fee due upon signing of the contract
  • Fun correspondence as we plan your engagements and bridals
  • Schedule and photograph engagement and/or bridal sessions
  • Remaining 50% of fee due one week prior to your wedding
  • Provide me with a list of requested images and a timeline of your wedding day
  • Online gallery goes up for family and friends 6-8 weeks after your wedding day
  • Delivery of products
  • Share your album with family and friends
  • Come see me for fun “just because” sessions

What is the starting price for your packages?

My wedding photography packages begin at $3250. Packages can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Why do you require a 50% retainer fee? Can we work out a different payment plan?

When I commit to photographing your wedding, I am also agreeing that you are my priority and I will not be shooting any other weddings that day. As such, the retainer fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. However, I am understanding of different situations and have accommodated different payment plans in the past. I am absolutely willing to work with you.

It’s really important to me to have the digital files on a DVD. Do you sell them?

Yes, I do! All of my wedding packages include a flash drive with all the images of the high-resolution photographs.

How many photos are included on my DVD?

The number of photos varies as all weddings are different. A four hour wedding will not receive the same number of photos that an eight hour wedding does. I do not hand out a limited, set number of photos. When you purchase the DVD, you get all the photos I feel are awesome. (Of course, blinking photos are eliminated.) A good rule of thumb is approximately 100 photos per hour of shooting.

Can I purchase the copyright to my photos?

The simple answer is no. I do, however, give you a print release that allows you to make personal copies of the photos. You are given a creative license to use the photos for your personal, non-commercial use. I always retain the copyright; the images are my artistic work. You are required to sign a model release and contract that acknowledges this and gives me permission to use them on my website, blog, or submit them to wedding blogs (like Style Me Pretty).

I think it’s really important to have a second photographer. Do your packages include that or do you offer it?

A second photographer is included in all of my packages to provide you with a greater variety of images. Not only can you have images shot from multiple angles and distances, but one photographer can be with the bride while the other is with the groom. Many things are overlapping the day of the wedding that having a second photographer allows for flexibility. I have friends in the photography industry that I shoot with frequently. You can guarantee that the person I bring along will be professional, friendly, respectful, and excited to photograph your wedding.

After my wedding, how long does it take to receive my images?

Please allow six to eight weeks for your wedding gallery to be posted online and your DVD to be delivered to you.

How long do my images stay online in the proofing gallery for family and friends to place an order?

The typical length of time is 90 days.

I am ready to book you! What do I do next?

After we’ve discussed exactly what you need, you will need to sign a contract and pay the 50% retainer fee. Please note that taxes are applied to wedding packages and products.

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Pricing + Packages

Wedding Pricing

Thank you for your interest in Urban Grey Photography! Pricing begins at $3250. All packages include a flash drive of high-resolution files from your wedding and a second photographer. I would love to meet you to discuss your wedding and all the details. Email me the following so I can prepare a custom quote for our meeting:

  • Your wedding date
  • Location of ceremony and reception. Please give a general idea if things have not yet been determined.
  • How many hours of coverage are you interested in?
  • Would you like a Bridal Session? Engagement session? Day-After session?
  • Would you like a photo booth?
  • Were you referred to me by someone?

Please provide as much information as you can. I customize my packages for each client to fit exactly their needs. My packages are only a starting point. When you send me an email, I will reply with a customized quote and provide a link to all of the other package options.

All packages are subject to Texas State taxes, 8.25%.


Are you a friend or family member of one of Urban Grey’s brides? Let me know in the info section when you fill out the contact form!

Albums & Printing

Engagement, sign-in, wedding, and parent albums are available. Many couples opt to do an album after their wedding to wrap up all their wedding details and commemorate the beginning of their marriage. The albums purchased through me are one-of-a-kind, high-quality books. I have an array of samples and I am happy to share them with you.

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OMG I can’t contain my excitement!! Again, thank you so, so much. I know we will absolutely love them and treasure them for the rest of our lives.” — Renna & Josh

Thank you so much for these pictures – they are beyond stunning and I love them! They are just so perfect!!” — Christine & Ben

I love them so much! I think I’m going to look through them about 50 more times today!” — Brittney & JD

I also wanted to say another huge thank you for being our wedding photographer. I know it was a hectic day (as I’m sure it always is) and when the rain came after the ceremony, you rolled with it without skipping a beat — so thank you so much for your flexibility and professionalism! And we absolutely LOVE our photos, especially from the ceremony! They are stunning and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to work with. ” — Megan & Carson

“The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for your sweet words. That is all John, our families, and I wanted our wedding to portray. You being a part of it means you just joined the ranks of our friends and family too.” — Abby & John (Part 1 // Part 2)

Thank you SO much. These are as incredible as I knew they would be.  Wow. I cried through the slideshow. At work. People are staring.” — Kathy & Erik

Ahh!! I am beside myself!! Here I am at work  with the slideshow laughing and crying and laughing again at some of these great memories. I’m so glad you captured so many of these pictures, so I can see what I missed and to remember the feelings. They are beautiful pictures, you are so talented, Magan. I can’t wait to see the whole thing when I go home.” — Katy & Patrick (Part 1 // Part 2)

“We love the photographs!  I have had to force myself to take time away from looking at them! Thank you for all of your help, both with the photography and throughout the wedding planning process.” — Pamela & Bryan

“You brought me to tears again….and laughter!  You truly captured every moment!  I’m in LOVE with the pictures you took…priceless!!!!  I’m also obsessed with the slideshow!  Thank you sooooooo much for putting that together!  Words simply can not express our gratitude for your talent! I’m sooo happy with all the pictures!!! (happy is an understatement)” — Elisa & Jason

I love love love the pictures!!! ” — Jesi & Wes

These look awesome! Thank you so much for doing such beautiful work. :)” — KeriAnn & Chance

First off, the wedding pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much. You really did a great job with them. I love all of them but the ones of us in the field are my favorite!” — Shandi & Kirk

I just wanted to say thanks again for everything! You had such a calming effect on Travis and I, and it meant the world to us. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so so special, and we can’t wait to see how you captured it. (And I can’t wait to see photos of everything I missed! The day just flew by!) It’s so bittersweet for it all to be over. Now I can’t wait to have babies so we can do maternity photos and baby portraits and everything else. You are certainly not just our wedding photographer, you are our friend, and you mean so much to us! Thanks again!!” — Betty & Travis (Part 1 // Part 2)

Awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you Magan for everything!!! You are so wonderful to work with!!” — Lauren & Austin

Oh my gosh, we love them!!!! We could not stop laughing at everyone’s dance moves in the reception photos. And the toast photos were amazing. Oh my gosh, so many good pictures! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We stayed up super late going through the complete set of photos. The toast pictures, the dancing pictures, the ring pictures! The picture of the clock at Ballet Austin! Ahhhh!!!! How could we ever frame all the ones we love and fit them in our apartment? I think we may have to use one of those electronic picture frames, or get really selective. ” — Andrea & Justin

“OMG I love LOVE the slideshow!!!! You’re such a good moment capturer!! I guess that’s part of being a pro?! ;)” — Amanda & Nick

“I’m obsessed. Obsessed. Best Friday present ever! The boy pics are ridiculous. Can’t wait to schedule our “next day” shoot and get more face time with you! Sometime in the last few weeks, out of the blue Taylor said, “hey we should hang out with Magan sometime.” haha. Point being, we adore you. ” — Rebecca & Taylor (day-after session)

Magan, Rob and I just finished looking through every single photo and we couldn’t be happier. You have quite a talent for this (obviously). Even the lighting was exactly the way I wanted it. We couldn’t be more thrilled. ” — Lauren & Rob

Thank you so much! We have looked through them and love ‘em!” — Nicole & Keith

“I just can’t say “Thank you!” enough for you to truly know how grateful I am to have had you as my photographer. The engagement and bridal shoots were something I’ll never forget, and I don’t have to because you captured the best of Dustin and I.” — Sarah & Dustin

“You did a beautiful job. Thank you so much for representing us all so well.” — Taylor & Mike

“Wow!! Pete and I are just in love with these photos. With all the post-wedding craziness, we’re just getting around to sharing them on Facebook, sorting our favorites, and deciding what to print. Anyways, just wanted to let you know how much we’re loving being able to relive it all through your photos. My mother also loves them which, I’m sure you know, is the ultimate seal of approval.” — Renee & Pete

“So excited to show off our pictures! Everyone keeps saying they look like they should be in a magazine.” — Marci & Daniel

“I just can’t say “Thank you!” enough for you to truly know how grateful I am to have had you as my photographer. The engagement and bridal shoots were something I’ll never forget, and I don’t have to because you captured the best of Dustin and I. You just being there, not as a photographer, but as an old friend, was very comforting. I have so much more to say and tell you, but I’ll contain myself, for now. I just want you to know how very thankful Dustin and I are for you and all your talent. I can’t wait for the pictures! And I can’t wait for a baby! I’ll be calling you for those next phases of life as well!” — Sarah & Dustin

“Oh my gaa you are sooo talented and fabulous!! Thank you… I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have found you. Can’t wait for more to come and for having you be a part of our special day. Thank you Magan!” — Maria & David

“Magan, these are beautiful!!! I’ve been spending hours going through them all!!!” — Ashley & Chris

“Oh my gosh!!!!! They are gorgeous! These are just gorgeous Magan…I am crying like a baby:) Thank you so much!” — Kim & Erik

“Thank you so much!!! They’re beautiful!” — Rachel & Michael

“You rock Magan!” — Elizabeth & Brian

“Magan you did a beautiful job. They were the exact style I was hoping for for their wedding!” — Elizabeth’s Mom

“Jerel and I loved every photo…” and “Jerel and I were just talking to each other and think that asking you to be our photographer is probably the best decision we made in the wedding planning process! We love how natural and happy we look in the photos. =)” — Annie & Jerel

“Magan, I am so excited about these. They are gorgeous! People were even commenting on my facebook about them :) I love them.” — Hannah & Joshua

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