i have a few questions…

What should I expect when working with you? What’s the process like?

You can guarantee that I will be responsive and easy to contact. I’m available by phone or email. I want you to be able to toss your ideas at me, send me inspiration, and I hope that you’ll update me about your wedding as details and ideas come together. I love seeing your ideas come alive. Here’s a quick rundown of how things typically go:

  • Meet with me to discuss your wedding needs
  • Review and sign the contract
  • 50% retainer fee due upon signing of the contract
  • Fun correspondence as we plan your engagements and bridals
  • Schedule and shoot Engagement and/or Bridal sessions
  • Meet with me to review and order images
  • Fill out a fun questionnaire to be posted with your engagement images on the blog
  • Remaining 50% of fee due one week prior to your wedding
  • Provide me with a list of requested images and a timeline of your wedding day
  • Sneak Peek of your wedding goes up on the blog within 2 weeks
  • We meet to discuss your photos and place orders for prints, the album, and wall collections
  • Full posting of blog images goes up
  • Online gallery goes up for family and friends
  • Delivery of products
  • Share your album with family and friends!
  • Come see me for fun just because sessions.

What is the starting price for your packages?
Please visit my pricing page to read more about the packages and pricing.

You are a little bit out of my price range? Can we work something out?
Please send me an email; let me know what you are interested in and what you need for your wedding day.  We can most certainly talk about the packages.

Why do you require a 50% retainer fee?  Can we work out a different payment plan?
When I commit to photographing your wedding, I am also agreeing that you are my priority and I will not be shooting any other weddings that day.  As such, the retainer fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.  However, I am understanding of different situations and have accomodated different payment plans in the past. I am absolutely willing to work with you.

It’s really important to me to have the digital files on a DVD. Do you sell them?
Yes, I do!  All of my wedding packages include a DVD of all the images of the high-resolution files.

How many photos are included on my DVD?
The number of photos varies as all weddings are different.  A four hour wedding will not receive the same number of photos that an eight hour wedding does. I do not hand out a limited, set number of photos. When you purchase the DVD, you get all the photos I feel are awesome. (Of course, blinking photos are eliminated.)  A good rule of thumb is approximately 100 photos per hour of shooting.

Can I purchase the copyright to my photos?
The simple answer is no.  I do, however, give you a print release that allows you to make personal copies of the photos. You are given a creative license to use the photos for your personal, non-commercial use. I always retain the copyright; the images are my artistic work. You are required to sign a model release and contract that acknowledges this and gives me permission to use them on my website, blog, or submit them to wedding blogs (like Style Me Pretty or Austin Wedding Blog).

I think it’s really important to have a second photographer. Do your packages include that or do you offer it?
Yes, it’s included in some of my packages.  It can definitely be added as anything can be customized to fit your needs perfectly. I highly recommend that you consider having a second photographer. It provides you a greater variety of images. Not only can you have images shot from multiple angles and distances, but one photographer can be with the bride while the other is with the groom. Many things are overlapping the day of the wedding that having a second photographer allows for flexibility.  I have friends in the photography industry that I shoot with and am friends with. You can guarantee that the person I bring along will be professional, friendly, respectful, and excited to photograph your wedding.

After my wedding, how long does it take to order prints or design an album?
Well, first, go on your honeymoon and have FUN!  When you get back, we will schedule a meeting to sit down and look at the best images from your wedding that I’ve pre-selected. We’ll narrow your album images down and then I’ll get to work right away on the design. Depending on how many changes we make, if any, I’ll place the order as quickly as possible after we’ve finalized the layout. Expect albums to take four to six weeks to be delivered to me after I’ve placed the order. When everything is in, I will give you a call and we’ll arrange the delivery! Prints are a fairly quick process. You can have them within two weeks of placing your order.

How long do my images stay online in the proofing gallery for family and friends to place an order?
The typical length of time is 90 days. If you need an extension, just let me know.

I am ready to book you! What do I do next?
After we’ve discussed exactly what you need, you will need to sign a contract and pay the 50% retainer fee. Please note that taxes are applied to wedding packages and products.