Instagram: Life in July

I thought I would do something new to share a bit of my life with you guys. The one camera I constantly have with me is on my iPhone. I’m addicted (read: ADDICTED) to Instagram and constantly post pictures. Here are a few things that happened in July 2012…

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instagram pictures taken by magan

  1. You may have noticed there’s this thing called the Olympics happening in London right now. In support of our teams (GO, USA!) I painted my nails this Essie metallic polish, Good as Gold.
  2. This is our 9-ish (we don’t exactly know how old she is since we adopted her when she was a few years old) year old dog, Camy. She had a hurt back for the majority of July. We saw the vet several times trying to figure out what’s wrong. I’m happy to report she’s doing much better and is getting around just fine.
  3. I started reading the sequel to one of my favorite books. Favorite book: Cinder by Marisa Meyer. Sequel: Scarlet — a modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood!
  4. Dustyn and I went to Port A to get away for the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I only got a little bit sunburned.
  5. We took a cheesy picture with our feet while at said beach. We celebrated our 8th anniversary!
  6. You’ll notice a trend in the upcoming pictures. We’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen in July. I was wearing one of my favorite Anthropologie aprons so as not to spill food on my white dress. (Who wears white in the kitchen?! — note to self: don’t do this in the future.)
  7. We started the Paleo diet (I choose to say lifestyle change instead of diet) in July. We’ve been eating lots of fruits, veggies, and low-fat meat. We’ve loved this asparagus and red bell pepper recipe. (This time I added tomatoes and they were delicious too!)
  8. I finally made my summer wreath – in July. It’s pieces of ripped fabric tied around a wreath. I love the gradient and ombre trend. That’s what I was going for here.
  9. We also embraced the art of juicing before dinnertime. These were our fruits and veggies laid out for that evenings juicing. Yum yum. (Note: use radishes sparingly. They’re strong.)

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