August, already?

Hi friends!

You might be wondering what’s happening with Urban Grey Photography these days. I’ve not been posting as much as normal, but there’s definitely a good reason. Urban Grey is getting a new design, a face lift per se. Once the new design is finalized (hopefully soon!) I will be blogging much, much more to show off the shiny new updates. I’m very excited about the changes and I hope you’ll love them too!

A side project I work on is a reading blog – reading is my hobby and the way I relax every night before bed. My good friend Estelle and I write reviews for the books we read. On July 31st my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I did a little write up on Rather Be Reading about how we met. I always love hearing these stories from my couples, so if you’d like to read mine head over to RBR to read our story. It was overwhelming for me to write it all down – some details I laughed at while I wrote, others made me tear up. This was the first time I’d ever written our story. I am so encouraged to write more now because I don’t want to forget the details.

Couples – write your stories down.
They matter.

I didn’t tell Dustyn that I was writing about how we met, even though the week before it was published, he sat beside me as I typed it all up. (He was immersed in some sci-fi show on Netflix. :) When he came home from work on our anniversary, I had him pull up our blog. I told him to read the most recent post. His cheeks flushed and he got emotional as that day almost 11 years ago rushed back to him. It’s been an incredible journey – I am forever thankful and grateful that I have him to share life with.

I’ll leave you with a photograph from Isaura and Jacob’s engagement session. They’re getting married next weekend and I could *not* be more excited to photograph their wedding. We had so much fun walking the streets of South Congress and finding a little hidden park for the last half of their session. Isaura is a bookie like me so she and I could sit and talk for hours about our love of reading.

Have an incredible weekend!

urban grey engagement session with isaura and jacob

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