An Outdoor Room, An Engagement Session with Betty & Travis

You might be looking at the title of my post for today saying, “HUH? What is she talking about?” An outdoor room?

Whelp, let me explain.

Betty and Travis wanted to do something fun and different for their engagement session. So, we scouted fields together. We used an old piece of wood (actually an old fence that someone in my neighborhood discarded…) I’m saving for a piece of wall art in our house and a quilt that usually adorns our guest bedroom to create an outdoor room. We were surrounded by shoulder-height weeds (flowers? plants with yellow flowers?) that really gave us the feeling of being closed off from the world. Incredibly intimate and peaceful.

Betty and Travis made the banner with their wedding date and all the pinwheels used during the session. They also spray-painted the frame a bright blue to really pop and coordinate with their outfits.

The lighting, the site, THESE TWO cuties, their happiness and excitement … every. single. thing about this day was just perfect.

Except for me laying down in a bed of something I’m allergic to, but that’s a whole other story… and besides the point because it was worth it. As Travis put it, “Sacrifice of the body for the art,” or something like that.

(*A major shout out and thank you goes to Angela at Lucie Marie for the beautiful hair and make-up she did for Betty. We love you, Angela!)

SO, can we all just take a collective breath? I mean, they’re awesome, right? And by they… I’m referring to Betty and Travis. LOVE THEM.

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