Austin Bridal Photographer | Stupid Scattered Showers

I’m going to start today’s post with a few outtakes to show you what we were dealing with the day of Shelly’s bridal session:

Austin Rainy Day Bridal Session
That would be us walking to the car, sitting in the car while it rained and the showers passed, walking back outside, and then walking back to the car so it could rain a bit more. Do you know what I notice in those pictures above?  Do you SEE the smile on Shelly’s face? She’s not upset or unhappy – she’s just going with it. Not once did I hear her complain about the running back and forth. Not once did her smile falter. Not once did she worry that her dress was going to get covered in mud. She 100% trusted me that we would have fun together.

And we did.

Over and over we would joke about the S-cubed…stupid. scattered. showers. But we joked. We texted about it after the session was over. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. The colors were absolutely stunning. The light was beautiful and even. The overcast, cloudy sky was just phenomenal.

I’m so glad Shirley, Shelly’s mom, came along. She held the reflector to protect Shelly as we dashed to the car and she was a second set of eyes for me to make sure Shelly’s dress was always well taken care of. Thank you both for the laughs and the fun, amazing day.  Shelly, thank you for always smiling and just going with the flow. You are incredible. I absolutely adore you.

bride in front of tall grasses, bride carrying her wedding dress
barbed wire fences and tall grass for bridal session
bride looking back over her shoulder
unusual necklaces to wear with wedding dress, jewelry for wedding day brides

I am so in love with the trend of wearing non-traditional necklaces with the wedding dress. I LOVE, love, love this.  What a fun, unique way to represent your style.

gold and bronze necklace with wedding dress
bride wearing gold shoes, brides necklace with golds and bronzes
windy day bridal session with overcast sky
Barbed Wire Fences and Overcast Skies
veil caught by the wind, smiling bride with cathedral length veil
Windy Day with Cathedral Length Veil, bride wrapped up in veil
This next site is one you’ve seen before – before it caught on fire and burned down. Jessica’s bridal session was shot there, and when I drove by while scouting for Shelly’s locations, my heart caught in my chest.  It caught on fire over the summer, and it’s a completely different place. Shelly was up for doing something a little different so we stopped there for a little while. This really cute pair of grandparents watched us from across the street and took pictures of Shelly from afar.

field that caught on fire for bridal session
bride looking down smiling, hair caught in the wind
burned down field bridal photography session
happy smiling bride headshots
bride carrying wedding dress
broken barbed wire fences,
hay field bridal portrait session