Field Anniversary Session with Justin and Katie

Last year my husband and I were excitedly walking through the model homes in our neighborhood. We had just signed the paperwork to begin building our house. While our realtor and his wife (also our very good friends) talked to the sales office people about building their own house on the lot next to us, we browsed the model home that would soon be our very own. Another family entered the model home, and before we knew it – we’d made two new friends and I’d entered a new number in my cell phone.  Their names were Justin and Katie.

Fast forward about six months.

We hadn’t gotten together with Justin and Katie because I was too chicken and thought she’s not going to remember the girl she happened to meet in the model homes SIX months ago. That’s weird. Right? Yeah, that’s weird.  So I never contacted her. Right around the time I was contemplating all of this, I had an email pop up in my inbox that began…”I came across your business card the other day in my office – we met in the model home the day you guys signed your house contract…

So you see – we were destined to be friends with Justin and Katie. We got together for dinner with them in March and in April met all of their neighbors. Since then it’s been non-stop hanging out when we can. Justin and Katie got married in October 2010. We photographed their session with Lexie and Hunter (the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever photographed) the day after their one year anniversary. Here’s to many, many more you guys. Thank you for letting me spend time with you to document your first anniversary!


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