San Antonio Wedding Photographer | Tara and Aaron

Tara and Aaron were married this October in San Antonio, TX. Their wedding day was so beautiful – perfect weather, an awesome bridal party that continuously kept me laughing, and a bunch of incredible dancers.  They had a mariachi band at their reception to play as the guests entered the ballroom. One of my favorite moments was when Aaron danced with the mariachi band’s leader while they serenaded Tara.

I must say that this wedding also had the most intense bouquet and garter tosses. I’ve never seen such excitement over the bouquet toss. Let’s just say that it lasted a while, and you’ll have to scroll down to see what happened.

A very big thank you to Tara and Aaron for making me part of their lives this year as they planned their wedding. It’s been a joy to get to know you guys. When I’m in Houston, we’ll have to get together for a delicious dinner. To see Tara and Aaron’s wedding gallery, please email me.

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