Austin Engagement Photographer | Sarah + Dustin

Back in my little home town of Dime Box, TX I played sports – basketball, volleyball, track – with this beautiful girl Sarah. She was in my close circle of friends.  It was my best friend Leslie, her sister Anne, Sarah, and me. The four of us would have sleepovers at Leslie and Anne’s house, laugh and talk during the long bus rides, and sit at the lunch table together.  Since I graduated high school, I’ve kept in touch with friends on Facebook. It’s been a great way for me to see where everyone is, keep tabs on them, and wish them congratulations when they have momentous events happen in their lives.

That’s what went down with Sarah. She and Dustin got engaged and I excitedly wrote on her wall wishing them well.  I got an email from Sarah saying that they didn’t have all the details pinned down on their wedding yet, but she’d been following my work and wanted to discuss their wedding with me.  Working with Sarah hasn’t just been about photographing she and Dustin, it’s been about rekindling a friendship again.

I got to spend two full days with these two for their engagements and Sarah’s bridals. I really didn’t want our time to end, and I’m so glad that we have months before their wedding so we can continue talking and dreaming about their wedding together. Though I cannot show you the amazing bridals of Sarah yet, I can share the engagements. These were taken at her uncle’s 1200 acre farm in Lexington, TX. I wish I could just keep this piece of land in my back pocket so I could go there for sessions whenever I want.

There are a few ‘bloopers’ from our session at the end of the post. Make sure you scroll all the way down…

This handsome fellow is Sawyer, their CUTE little dachshund.

We had a few cows that were a little curious about what we were doing – we were intruding on their land.

Here are a few outtakes from our session. Usually the grooms take longer to warm up to me, but Dustin was a trooper and jumped right into the swing of things…

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