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Sarah and I met in a bookstore for our first consultation.  She’s extremely sweet and kind, with an infectious personality that had us chatting for nearly two hours.  I learned that she’s a teacher and she’s waiting for the perfect job to open up for her to work with elementary students. We connected over California – a place where I spent a year of my life working in San Diego and where she and Justin got engaged. She told me all about the architecture of the Oakley headquarters that they visited in CA and told me to friend her on facebook so I could see the pictures. I had this feeling that she and I might have something else in common too.

My friends know me as a bookworm and book collector, meaning I have entirely too many books on my shelves that I someday soon intend to read. I asked Sarah if she liked to read; I was in the middle of telling her a story and was going to reference a book I loved. She reached into her bag and pulled out a book.  I knew that she and I were definitely going to be great friends when she said that she doesn’t go anywhere without a book in her purse.

En route to their engagement session in Old Historic Gruene, Sarah and I chatted non-stop about their wedding plans and books. Justin fell asleep in the back of the car. It wasn’t until we started walking around that Justin started cracking jokes and making me laugh until I couldn’t hold the camera straight. He and Sarah are so hilarious together; this might sound odd, but if I could bottle up the jokes and laughter to pull out on a bad day, I’d do it in a heart beat.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding.  I am excited to have these guys in my life. I cannot wait to see Sarah walk down the aisle to Justin waiting at the end of the altar. I expect their wedding is going to be an amazing party.

Thank you, Justin and Sarah for an amazing engagement session.  Friends and family, sign-up here to receive the link and password to their private online gallery with all of their photos!

{Check the bottom for a Q&A with these two.  Remember to watch the slideshow at the end too. I couldn’t narrow down the pictures, so there are many more in the slideshow!}

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How did you meet?
Justin: I went to Hooters with a group of friends, and noticed her right away. I definitely wanted her phone number so I challenged her to a hula hoop contest. I won and the rest is history!
Sarah: I was working at Hooters and it was particularly busy. He sat at one of my tables with a big group and towards the end of the night, he was still there with a couple of guys. We started talking and he said he was really good at hulahooping. So we decided to challenge each other. Well, he won! In my defense, my hula hoop hit the table :) Oh well. When he won, he asked for my phone number and called me three days later!

What’s your engagement story? Tell me all the juicy details! Justin, were you nervous? Sarah, did you pick up on the surprise?
We went to Newport Beach California for a wedding. It was a very short trip so we had to make the most of it. On our first full day there (Friday), we decided to get up early and eat breakfast at the hotel. When we got there, the hostess told us that a private party had cancelled in the gazebo outside. She asked if we would like to go sit out there, it was complimentary and everything was set up. OK! Why not? So we went outside to this little table with the water and butter and jelly and flowers. So pretty. Our private waiter Marco, came over and brought us some drinks while Justin and I just had some small talk. Then Marco said, I will be right back with your special breakfast and left. I looked at Justin like what special breakfast? I don’t have a menu yet! How does he know what I want. So Justin just kind of blew that off because about a minute later he was getting out of his chair. I looked at him and asked, What are you doing? I thought he was getting up to go somewhere. But he walked over to me and pulled me out of my chair and got down on one knee :) Very sweet. And the rest of the trip was awesome too!

Sarah: I didn’t know but when I think back on it, there were several clues I should have picked up on. That morning, he wanted to shower first which I thought was odd because it takes me longer to get ready because of having to do my hair. Turns out, he wanted to first because he didn’t want me to see him put the ring in his pocket.
Justin: Yes of course I was nervous!! I was always hoping she wouldn’t find out about anything.

Justin, what is your FAVORITE characteristic or personality trait about your future bride?
My favorite would have to be her sweetness or caring. She is always wanting to be close and she always talks to me with love. Unless she is hungry, then its angry bride to be.

Sarah, what is your FAVORITE characteristic or personality trait about your future groom?
I would have to say his willingness to help anybody. He will do anything for anyone. And probably his goofiness. He always keeps my life interesting! :)

What is one of your favorite moments, experiences, trips, etc. that you’ve done together since you began dating and through the engagement? Tell me about it…
Justin: My favorite trip would be our trip to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. It was fun to see the joy in her eyes to see all of the sights. I had visited Las Vegas many times before so it was fun to show her around. Plus; it kept me from gambling.
Sarah: I would have to say a date he planned for me awhile back. He surprised me with lunch at Carlos’N’Charlies and rented jet skis for an hour! It was the best surprise ever!

What have you enjoyed MOST about being engaged and planning your wedding?
Justin: Talking about all the gifts and money we are going to get!!!!!
Sarah: The cake and dress shopping!

Do you have advice for other couples who are planning their wedding?
Justin: Grooms get out of the way and let the woman do what they want!!!
Sarah: Brides, do your research!!

Why did you choose the location you did for your engagements photos? Did it have a significant meaning?
Justin: I had no input!!!!
Sarah: He lies!! I asked him what he thought. I love the look of Gruene and it kind of fit our style.

What is the theme of your wedding and what are you doing to make your wedding special and personalized?
Rustic. Very relaxed and fun :) We are going to have an old fashioned popcorn maker with little bags so people can enjoy popcorn!

If you got in your car right this moment and could go anywhere you wanted without thinking about any responsibilities (aka: jobs), where would you go and why?
Justin: I would go to the beach or a rodeo. Those are both activities that Sarah and I love to do together.
Sarah: Definitely the beach! Or Disney World! I am dying to go there again!

What is your ideal date night?
Justin: Probably something fun! Something we have never done before and followed by a dinner at a restaurant we haven’t been to. I like to mix it up. Or a good sports game!
Sarah: Probably something new. Not the same old movie or whatever. Like he said, something we haven’t done and dinner somewhere new

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding?
Justin: Im excited to see how amazing my future wife is gonna look in her wedding dress.
Sarah: I am excited about all of it. I am excited to wear my dress and see everyone. And of course, get married!

If you won $20 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Justin: I would buy a ranch to go hunting and ride fourwheelers. I want to get away from the city. And probably parts for my trucks and maybe a new truck. Then save the rest. I don’t want to stress about money! I would also let Sarah be a stay at home mom.
Sarah: I would take a tropical vacation, buy a car and a house, go on a shopping spree, give my parents and brother some money and save the rest. I know a typical answer!!


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    First of all, what a gorgeous couple! These are amazing. I usually have a book in my purse too, so I can certainly appreciate that:)

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    This is such a beautiful wedding the wedding details are so unique and the way you captured the images takes you right back to the wedding day. very very nice work!


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