Announcing Urban Grey Photography

Welcome to Urban Grey! I’m so used to typing Magan’s Lens that I almost did it again. For the last year and a half, all of my work – families, children, weddings, engagements, and babies – have fallen under the umbrella of Magan’s Lens. I absolutely adored the ease of having everything together, but despite how simple it was for me to write and publish blogs in one spot, it was having an adverse affect on potential clients. I began to see how frustrating it was for a wedding client to visit the site and have to go back several pages in the blog just to find my previous wedding post. The same was true for clients who wanted updated family portraits; if they visited during a heavy wedding season, they would run into the same issue on the blog.

The best solution for me was to split weddings and engagements apart from my other work. If I did so, I wanted it to be separate and unique and not just a segment of Magan’s Lens. For months, I pondered the name, the feel, my vision, and my hope for this new business. I had a very difficult time choosing the name, and thanks to my friend Amber Snow, Urban Grey finally evolved.

This is where you will now find all of my wedding and engagement work. All pricing and information is here. I typed and explained a bit more about the evolution of Urban Grey over on the Magan’s Lens blog. You can go check it out if you’d like. I’m trying not to repeat too much information.

THANK YOU for swinging by the new blog.  Here are a few things you might want to note…

  • New wedding and engagement posts will be on Urban Grey. I will no longer be adding new ones to Magan’s Lens.
  • Remember to subscribe to Urban Grey if you liked receiving the posts in your inbox or Google Reader.
  • All current wedding and engagement posts will remain on Magan’s Lens until December 31, 2010. After that I will remove them and make that site an environment only for newborns, families, and children.
  • Any wedding information regarding FAQs, pricing, and announcements will be made at Urban Grey. While I am keeping up the wedding info up at Magan’s Lens, I will not be updating it. Anything at Urban Grey will trump what I leave behind at Magan’s Lens.
  • I’ve created a new twitter account for Urban Grey. You can follow me there for updates and info pertaining to this website.  My username is urbanGREY.

I want Urban Grey to start off with a bang, and that deserves a picture. Here is a photo from Hannah and Joshua’s wedding.  The guys mentioned that they felt like the Backstreet Boys – actin’ all too-cool-for-school – so Joshua decided to bust a move. I am doing my happy dance in my office today, so excited to see Urban Grey finally released.


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