Hannah + Joshua, Preview || urbanGREY || Austin Wedding Photographer

This is the girl, Hannah. And this is the boy, Joshua. They are madly, beautifully, tenderly in love.

This is what that love looks like when they’re together.

This past weekend I shot Hannah and Joshua’s gorgeous wedding at Vintage Villas nestled in the beautiful hills of Austin, Texas. We also did a day-after session on Monday. You can expect to see a lot of these lovely faces on the blog.  I could hardly pick what to put up for a preview. There is just so much awesomeness to share.

Hannah and Joshua, I hope you are enjoying every single second of Puerto Rico.


  1. Sarah says

    Cant believe how grown up my little sister is!! They are such a wonderful couple Great pics!! Cant wait to see the rest!!

  2. Hannah says

    So excited to see these! We are def enjoying Puerto Rico! Even with alllll the rain! haha

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