Run, Sun Spot, Run || urbanGREY || Austin Engagement Photographer

My schedule tends to be all over the place. I work a lot of weekends and evenings while my husband works a pretty regular weekly schedule. I love being around Dustyn. He relaxes me and keeps me focused, so when he has time, I ask him to go along on sessions with me. He’s quite the reflector and diffuser holder.  Even though he won’t admit this publicly (sorry, honey) he comes up with some fun ideas during the sessions.

The reflector tends to get called many things other than it’s given name. That translates into Dustyn getting called many things other than his given name.  During Carly and David’s engagement session, Dustyn was known as the “sun spot”.  David really wanted to give Carly a piggy-back ride. I was all for it.  This turned into Carly, David, and I pulling a prank on Dustyn. He was told that David really wanted to run around with Carly on his back and that he should run around with them...

while holding the diffuser.

As they were running around anyway, the diffuser didn’t really do much. But boy did we burst into hysterics over Dustyn chasing them.  I was laughing so hard behind my camera that I was crying. Carly had the best expressions, and I’m sure David was trying to stay focused. I was really hoping that I’d get some great shots to share with you.  And I did. Here’s the little photo reel from this “Run, Sun Spot, Run” adventure.

Carly + David, thank you for making this hysterical memory with us.


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