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This past weekend, Greg and Amanda got married! I set up a photo booth for an hour as the dance was going on and everyone came to take photos! We took some serious photos and then had fun with the props Greg and Amanda supplied.  Amanda looked stunning and Greg looked like the happiest groom on the face of the planet. Watch the video below for pictures from the photo booth.

Photos from the ceremony and reception will be up soon, but until then, LEAVE COMMENTS on the blog. It will help Greg & Amanda get awesome prints from me for FREE!


  1. says

    Just stopped by to see if you’d gotten everything up! It looks amazing Magan!! I’m so so happy with the new look ;)

    And such a fun idea for this wedding! Love it ;)

  2. Magan says

    Thanks, Lauren! I’m still working on getting the fonts changed, colors updated, etc. It’s a process! EVERYTHING you helped me out with has been incredibly easy and flawless. Thank you so much. You are amazing!

  3. Greg says

    h tsai – CONFIRMED.

    Amanda and I completely forgot about the photo booth props, so big thanks to Tom & Rhett for saving the day on that one.

  4. tom says

    I’m not going to lie, I think Rhett had a little too much fun picking stuff out. I’ve never seen a man so excited about a Queen Amedala mask…

  5. Judy Keith says

    It was a great wedding and the photo booth was fantastic. I can’t wait to see the pics. The photographer was great ( and I’m not saying that just because it’s your website! You had some really good ideas for pictures.


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