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My friend Rita introduced me to Andrea and Steve. After meeting them for the first time, I was so excited to take on their engagement and wedding. We discussed several places for their engagement session, but decided on the UT Campus. I love the architecture on campus, so I was thrilled to go there. We had a lot of options for different types of pictures, the architecture to work with, and for the most part, it was really clean. Our only dilemma was the rain – it poured… and poured… and poured up until a few hours before their session. We were worried we might get rained out, but thankfully, the sun decided to come out for a little while and we got really great photos.

I am SO thankful I had the opportunity to do Andrea and Steve’s engagement. Steve was full of great ideas and had places in mind (since UT is his Alma Mater). I can’t wait for their wedding day!

Wedding photos to be posted of Andrea and Steve after their wedding in November!

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As a side note, any couple who might have the choice between an engagement and bridal session, choose the engagement session. This is the first time you’re being professionally photographed together. You really get to know your photographer. You get to tell her (or him) about things you like or don’t like. You figure out what your best angles are… and ultimately, you relax in front of the camera and forget about the awkwardness of being followed around with a camera on your wedding day.

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